At RemingtonRand We Act as Your Agent

Many find that RemingtonRand is distinctly different from other recruiting firms in that we often act as agents looking out for the interests of the candidate.

  • We come along side you and listen carefully to your concerns, your needs and priorities.
  • We can engage the hiring authorities and protect your relationship with them by asking the hard questions and addressing the difficult issues on your behalf, whether on compensation or support issues.
  • When you go it alone, you are vulnerable and may be seen as being too available. When we represent you, you might be available, but only on the right terms.
  • We understand how to apply just the right measure of leverage to help make things happen on terms and timing that is favorable to you.



Singapore is a fast-growing market. It's dynamic economy is fueled by an entrepreurial culture, a multi-ethnic English-speaking population, an appreciation of business, and respect for the rule of law